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new single
released Dec. 25, 2023

Start with the sax's soulful whispers, and let mysterious bass lines pull you into uncharted realms. Warm synth arpeggios, like stardust, leave trails of wonder. Discover resonances of undiscovered galaxies, guided by a mysterious keyboard melody and an enigmatic dance between an oboe and the sax. Cellos punctuate the cosmic symphony, adding echoes in the void. Textures, some from the essence of water, add layers to the enigma. 

"Pigments Unveiled" isn't just a track; it's an unveiling. Each note, a secret waiting to be unraveled. Join me on this musical journey.

new single
released Oct. 29, 2023

»Immerse yourself in the hauntingly beautiful soundscape of Solaris, where ethereal choral harmonies intertwine with the profound depths of a dark cello's resonance. The centerpiece is a poignant melody plucked from a guitar that whispers its final notes into being. Woven throughout are captivating sonic textures, from the subtle allure of ambient noise to the enveloping warmth of lush reverb.
Solaris is an intricate auditory tapestry that unfolds over seven minutes, yet its passage is as fleeting and mesmerizing as a comet streaking through the night sky.«

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All in One

The New Album by DON CHIPONE.

After decades of working in various projects, this is the first solo album of Berlin based musician and producer DON CHIPONE, also known as The Chip.

This album contains both brand new tunes as well as tracks that have been sitting on the shelf for a while until they finally got finished.
So, what can you expect from this album?

It is a unique, eclectic mix of styles, grooves and sounds, electronic and analog. If you like lush tasty soundscapes paired with irresistible grooves, you are in for a treat. One thing that is quite special about the album is this: it is entirely composed of samples and sampled instruments. No actual sound recordings were made for this album – except for one – Wilmsfilms on “Five Times...”!

Here is what one listener said:
"This album makes me so happy: You can dream of foreign lands and peoples, slowdance with Langston Hughes, smash the final frontier, and see the onyx castle of the Great Ones. The captain welcomes you on the starship Chipone."

Release Date: 12/21/21


Producing fine musical noises and textures since 1982

DON CHIPONE comes from a small town near Duesseldorf. At the age of 19, he had produced his first tapes under the name "Innocents Abroad" and "Family Works". Then he bought his first keyboard – a Roland Juno-6, and, shortly after, a Roland TR-606 Drum Machine and started to create electronic instrumental tracks that were recorded directly to cassette tape.

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